"No assets found" in Netlify CMS after configuring Large Media

After configuring Netlify Large Media, I see “No assets found.” in the media browser in Netlify CMS. Image transformations are working with existing media, however.

There is an error in the console, that does look related to media, but I can’t interpret it. If there’s no obvious solution, can someone tell me how to just safely disable Large Media for now?

Here are the relevant parts of my Netlify CMS config file, but none of this has changed, other than adding use_large_media_transforms_in_media_library.

  name: git-gateway
  use_large_media_transforms_in_media_library: true
media_folder: 'static/media'
branch: master
public_folder: '/media'

hi there,

Did you get a chance to review this already?

Hi Perry, thanks for following up, and sorry for the slow response. It was bad paths in my .gitattributes file. The fact that that image transformations were working on existing media made me assume I had things configured correctly. It’s all working now. Thanks!

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glad its working, @freshyill!