Large media removal while keeping git lfs


I would like to request the removal of the Large Media add-on for the website e0dc1bff-5046-4ee2-8da3-b3a68de65d41, if it is in fact installed. I’m unsure if I did activate it or not. I used git lfs migrate to transition the image files for GitLab git lfs, but something isn’t quite right. While using the admin panel of NetlifyCMS, I am getting 404 errors for the gitattributes and lfsconfig files (see below for the 404 links)

Should NetlifyCMS work fine with git lfs (but not Netlify Large Media)?

I can confirm that I have backups of all files and that I have read the “Uninstalling Large Media” Support Guide.

Thank you!

Hi @dabeeler.

Looks like this has already been done.

Hi @hrishikesh, thank you for looking into this, and sorry for the delay!

Could the 404 errors be caused by something else? They are still there, but there also is a “This 404 was expected and handled appropriately” message from implementation.js, so maybe everything is OK?

Regarding NetlifyCMS and git-lfs, I came across an open issue for git-lfs support to GitLab. Although it seemed like the website build was successful while using git-lfs, the images would not resolve when viewed through the admin panel. Perhaps I will need to revisit lfs when this ticket is complete.

Thank you!

I’m not sure where the 404s are coming from. Are those affecting your workflows somehow?

Regarding the LFS support, I’d not hold my breath. It’s been quite some long since Netlify CMS has received an update.

As far I have been able to detect, I don’t think the 404s are impacting the workflow. I thought they were the reason images would not resolve in the admin panel, but I think the fact that LFS isn’t supported was the ultimate issue. I didn’t think about it until now, but after checking another site those 404s exist when I never messed with LFS on that project, so I think everything is OK.

After looking around some more last night, I will investigate the cloudinary or uploadcare integration with NetlifyCMS in place of LFS.

Thank you for the responses and looking into everything, I appreciate it!

Happy New Year!