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Large Media not working as expected with CMS

I’m using Netlify CMS, yesterday I’ve set up my repository to use Large Media.

I have a .gitattributes with:

/site/_assets/media_library/** filter=lfs diff=lfs merge=lfs -text

My CMS config for the media Library:

media_folder: "/site/_assets/media_library",
public_folder: "/assets/media_library",

Field config for the image field I used to upload an image just now:

      label: "Image",
      name: "author_image",
      widget: "image",
      choose_url: false,
      required: true,

I’ve just uploaded an image, went to check in my repository and the file was there as expected.
Unexpected was, that the file was not a text reference, but the entire image.

I then checked the documentation and saw I had use_large_media_transforms_in_media_library: false.

So i did a git fetch + pull, changed that setting and pushed it back up.

Now the image was gone, and it was text reference as expected (I have Git LFS installed locally).
But going back into the Media Library of the CMS, I see this now:

So two questions here:

  • Shouldn’t the file become a text reference immediately after uploading an image through the media library? What is going wrong here?

  • Why would the image not be shown in the media library after the file now is uploaded without a doubt to Netlify Large media?

any ideas how I can use the Media Library now? @netlify

Hi, @madsem. I see we are troubleshooting this via a support ticket. We will post the solution here (minus any private details of course) once we resolve the issue there.