Newly created domain

Hi Team,

When I signed up to Netlify, I created this domain which works fine.

However, my newly created domain doesn’t work. The error message says: server IP address could not be found

Not sure what to do and how to resolve it.

Netlify site name:

Thanks in adavance,

You’d need to configure DNS for that domain, @franckess. As far as I can tell, the domain has not been purchased yet, so you’d have to buy, and then configure it, following the instructions here:

I see you set it up in our DNS, but you do have to purchase, and point the domain to our nameservers (for that domain the list is:”,”,”,” )

I think you’re actually all configured except buying the domain and putting those nameservers in place at your registrar.

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Thanks for the respond. I was wondering if you could point me to a YouTube tutorial that could help to resolve my issue. So far, I found this video:
Any thoughts?

Hi franckess, there are a variety of youtube videos available, and as long as they match the steps outlined in our official documentation, they should work.

Let us know here if you have any further problems with your new domain!