New feature: Browse files in your deploy with the Deploy File Browser

For a long time, you’ve been able to download a .zip file of your deploy in order to inspect the files outputted by your build on Netlify.

However, this process was not always ideal, because you would need to download the contents of the entire deploy even if you only wanted to inspect one file. Furthermore, the request to generate the .zip was prone to fail depending on how many files were in the deploy, and it would take a long time to download the whole thing before it was ready to inspect.

:sparkles: Today, we’re releasing a new feature that lets you browse the distribution files of your deploy like you would browse files on a filesystem. Beneath the deploy log of every successful deploy, you can now navigate through folders of your built output to download only the exact files you are looking for. This new functionality is available on all pricing plans.

You can even perform a substring search on the file path of each asset to quickly find the resource you had in mind.

This approach is much faster than downloading a .zip file of the entire deploy. We’ve tested on deploys with over 100,000+ files and it still holds up!

If you find this useful, please drop a note in this comment thread – we’d love to know what you think, and if you have any feedback to make this functionality even better! :heart: