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[Beta] Check out a brand new tool for deploy downloads and file browsing! 🔎 :netliheart:

You might have encountered a situation when you wanted to browse your deploy’s file structure or download the entire deploy itself. It could be because you were getting 404s, wanted to compare it with local build or you’re simply curious.

The Netlify UI already has this feature, but you might want an alternative especially in the following situations:

  1. You simply want to preview your website’s file structure and not download the entire deploy. This might be useful when you’re getting a 404 for a path and don’t know why.
  2. You want to preview/download a single or only a few files from your deploy. Waiting for the entire deploy to download in this case might seem an overkill.
  3. Downloading from UI fails. While it can have many reasons, we believe the new tool could potentially solve this problem.

I’m happy to announce the public beta release of Netlify File Browser. It aims to solve all the problems listed above. Simply sign in with Netlify to get started.

Do note that, the app is currently in Beta, which means:

  1. While it has been extensively tested to cover a lot of use cases, chances are we might have missed something and thus, it doesn’t work for you. I would like to know this case.
  2. I wish to test downloading deploys that fail to download in the UI. In my testings, this has worked fine, but I’d like to know your experience too.
  3. Any ideas or feature requests to make this application better are welcome.

And yes, the application is open source, feel free to add your contributions here: GitHub - Hrishikesh-K/netlify-file-browser

Note: This is not covered under official support by Netlify team. While we would love to hear your feedback, please don’t write into helpdesk or open topics about this tool on the forums. Rather, continue the conversation in the repo. Thanks, and we hope you enjoy using this tool!


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