Error during download (deployment zip)


i’m trying to download the published deployment but got “error during download”, any clue about this ?

hi there, this may have been a temporary blip - are you still seeing this error?

We are also aware that sometimes people’s browser extensions create issues with site downloads. Can you disable any browser extensions and see if you still see the issue?

I tried without extension, still have the issue.

Is there a timeout ? Size site limit ?

which site is this regarding, please?

Hi @perry we are also getting this error. Could you please look into it for us?

Site ID be46b654-985f-45b1-a1f3-a88a9ac8a3bb


hiya @jpprietobaez and sorry to hear about the trouble! That site is a bit large - over 200 MB and over 1800 files, so downloads may not work well.

While I can create a zipfile of your deploy, it will be challenging to do (take me 15 minutes) plus challenging to transfer. Happy to do it if you need the whole thing, but maybe you just want to know about some specific file or files that we can pull individually instead? They’ll be small enough to send via a DM here unlike the entire site…


The same problem, got “error during download”

Site ID: 3242dfac-0a54-4116-aea6-506aecda2acb

Could you please look into it for us?

Hi, @gazam. The reason for the deploy download failure is because of the size of the deploy. The current deploy of that site has 3,250 total files and the total size of the files is 2,465,970,135. The deploy is over 2 GiBs in size.

If you want to access the files in this deploy, you can still download them individual using the API and requesting the files that way.

In other words, I don’t think you will ever be successful in downloading such a large deploy using the web UI and some other solution will be required to resolve this.

If there are questions about how to use the API to do this, please let us know.


i’m trying to download the published deployment but got “error during download”, any clue about this ?

Hi @aadityaydv7,

Which website is this regarding?

what should i supposed to do to download it?

Hi @aadityaydv7,

Could you try using an incognito window or a browser without any extensions to be sure? Additionally, you could check if there are some error in your browser’s console when you click on the download button.

If none of that works, you’d have to use API as @luke suggested.

i tried but again the same error.
please tell me how to use and where to use API to download it?

You’d have to use something like: GitHub - netlify/js-client: A Open-API derived JS + Node.js API client for Netlify

Using it, you can download each file and save it somewhere. You’d have to use this endpoint: Netlify API documentation

I’ve written a small script to do this. It worked fine most times in my tests (however my websites are not as big or don’t have huge files, so try and let me know).

Create a file named index.js with the following content:

const NetlifyAPI = require('netlify')
const Downloader = require('nodejs-file-downloader')
const client = new NetlifyAPI('<access-token-here>');

(async () => {

  const files = await client.listSiteFiles({
    site_id: '<API ID here>'

  files.forEach(async (file) => {

    const downloader = new Downloader({
      url: '<URL here>' + file.path,
      directory: './download' + file.path.substring(0, file.path.lastIndexOf('/') + 1)

    try {
      console.log(file.path + ' done')
    } catch (error) {
      console.log(file.path + ' failed', error)


Go to and create a new access token. Replace <access-token-here> in line 3 with the token you just created.

Then, go to<site-name>/settings/general#site-information and copy the API ID of your website. Replace <API ID here> in line 8 with the value you just copied.

Finally, in line 14, replace <URL here> with the full URL of your website (without the trailing slash /).

Then, in the terminal, run npm i netlify nodejs-file-downloader.

Once the packages are installed, run npm index.js. The files would be downloaded to a folder named download relative to the location of the above file.

Hi Hrishikesh,

Thanks for sharing the script! I’ve tried utilizing it but received the following error:

> TextHTTPError: Unauthorized
>     at parseResponse (C:\Users\putin\Desktop\netlifydl\node_modules\netlify\src\methods\response.js:13:11)
>     at processTicksAndRejections (node:internal/process/task_queues:96:5)
>     at async callMethod (C:\Users\putin\Desktop\netlifydl\node_modules\netlify\src\methods\index.js:33:26)
>     at async C:\Users\putin\Desktop\netlifydl\index.js:7:17 {
>   status: 401,
>   data: ''

Could you please let me know if I’m missing something?

Thanks so much!!

Hi, @realCyberJunkie. Did you replace <API ID here> with your actual API_ID on the line below?

    site_id: '<API ID here>'

The 401 response means there was an authentication error and the wrong API ID is the usual root cause.

Hi @luke,

You’re correct, I haven’t actually saved the file with the proper credentials.

I’ve tried this again with partial success; it downloaded the folder structure but I’m getting the following error for each file:

AssertionError [ERR_ASSERTION]: protocol mismatch
generatedMessage: false,
  code: 'ERR_ASSERTION',
  actual: null,
  expected: 'http:',
  operator: '=='

Could you please let me know how to proceed?

Thanks so much!

Looks like something went wrong in copying-pasting the values. Could you paste the script you’re trying to use? Just remove the access-token-here part and the rest is safe to share with actual values.

Additionally, if you don’t need to download the entire deploy, and need to check for a few specific files, you can do so using an under-development tool: