Netlify.toml - what functionality would you like to see?

As mentioned in a separate thread: It would be great to be able to generate a netlify.toml file based on the current configuration of a site. Bonus points for including all available parameters, but commenting out those that are still set to their default values.

This would be very useful for those of us who start by configuring things by hand in the UI (because it’s easier) but want to eventually move to a fully file-based configuration. It would also be a great learning tool by providing an overview of what can be configured.


I’m one of those people. Now, since we don’t have this feature in Netlify yet, how do/can I create netlify.toml identical to the settings set in UI? Is there any easier way beside 1. manually going through each and every UI setting 2. then, look at netlify.toml reference to check whether the said setting can be specified in netlify.toml 3. And then finally make the changes/skip that setting 4. Repeat


hey rootkea, there isn’t currently a way to programmatically generate a netlify.toml file: