New to Netlify...trying to figure out how to create a netlify.toml file and where to put it

Signed up with Netlify yesterday and transferred my website over from my old provider due to issues with them. I manually deployed my site just using the drag-and-drop feature. Really like the interface, and I don’t have to deal with transferring the site via unsecure FTP.

I’ve been reading about plugins, and I’ve installed a plugin for my site. The instructions for the plugin state that I have to edit the netlify.toml file and put a couple of lines of code in there to make the plugin run. How do I do that? Is there a sample netlify.toml file I can copy, and do I just put it in my website root and then manually deploy the site to Netlify?

howdy @joeg9972 - so glad you are trying netlify, and your story about FTP is something many of us are familiar with. I started as a front end dev a long time ago and remember having to FTP in to servers :cold_sweat:

There is a ton of information here:

If you have specific questions about how to do something, let us know and we’ll be happy to help.

actually, perry…I kinda figured it out. :slight_smile:

I just used Netlify CLI, deployed the toml file to my website directory on my computer, and executed the “netlify build” command on the directory, and the plugin worked!

well look at you! :medal_sports: Good job! Come back any time if you need more help - soon you are gonna be helping people fix their problems i bet :wink: