Migrating from pre-existing Netlify config in UI to config in TOML?

So I have a pre-existing site deployed on Netlify and configured via the UI. I want to migrate (as much as possible from) this config to netlify.toml so it can be tracked by version control.

Is there a way to export my settings from the UI as TOML to get the new netlify.toml config started? From a cursory search on the docs site, this forum, and Google, I didn’t find anything about folks migrating existing configs, just starting from scratch with netlify.toml.

If there’s not an automatable way, is there a reference for comparing TOML keys to their UI config counterparts? (I can kind of glean it from File-based configuration | Netlify Docs, but I’m wondering if I’ve missed anything.)

Hey there,
You’re correct- there’s no way to export the UI settings to the netlify.toml, and the docs reference you shared is exactly where I would’ve pointed you! If you have specific questions about anything that’s unclear, we’re happy to take a look for you (as long as you’re not sharing env variables or anything here).

Thanks @jen! :bowing_man: It turned out to be a pretty quick migration - I was expecting it to be a ton of config to have to migrate, but it was actually only like 3 lines. Still, it would be really helpful to have some kind of Export to netlify.toml button on the settings page that does this for you for more complex config setups - what’s the best way of officially making a feature request?

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hi there, can you post here: #features outlining your use case? thanks.