Netlify.toml validator?

Is there a validator for Netlify.toml file (“toml” hereafter)?

As there isn’t a way to generate a toml from the site, I was creating a simple CLI (don’t use this yet!) to generate one from the site.

But I wasn’t able to find a way to validate the toml file from Open API.

I’ve also looked at Netlify CLI, but as it uses Open API so didn’t look like it would support the toml validation.

I don’t think I know of any toml validator or any netlify.toml validator - we certainly don’t provide one.
If you can format your toml badly enough, your deploys will fail, but that’s more a “it’s totally broken” than “it’s provably correct and does what I mean” kind of validation.

I do think it’s a reasonable feature request, so I’ll get that filed for us, so I can follow up here if we end up creating one.

For today, I’d probably use a generic toml validator such as the ones described here:


Thank you, Chris for reviewing and filing the feature request, as well as suggestions.