Netlify login hangs on blank page after attempting login via Github account

After attempting to access my Netlify account by logging in with giuthub, I am redirected to to the Netlify App to where all I see is an empty page. No network errors, no console errors, just a blank page. This happens in safari, chrome, and firefox.

Refreshing page, incognito window, all the same results. Did something happen to my account?

picture for reference

hi can you provide your account details such as email or slug so I can check what’s going on?


Any idea? Still having the same issues

Hi, sorry for leaving you hanging. So it appears the issue is that your team subscription reached cancellation due to a failed payment. I’m going to escalate your query to our help desk so they can get you sorted.

Okay, happy to get that payment sorted out so I can get my app running again.