Netlify Identity Login


I’m using the netlify identity widget to handle for authentication and in my settings it is set to invite only. when I send an invite the user doesn’t get the option to create and account/ create a password but when I send it to a gmail and use the gmail’s external authentication it works.

any assistance will be appreciated. what am I missing?

I just tested by editing the invite link and directing to a page. I guess the question is how do I make the invitation link go to a specific page?

Okay I was able to fix it. its because there was no widget in the landing page. 1 last quest question why doesn’t the invite have a field for you First and Last name? is this something I’ll have to customize? I’m on the free starter pack.


You can customise if you want to, but for that you’ll most likely have to fork and modify the library: GitHub - netlify/netlify-identity-widget: A zero config, framework free Netlify Identity widget

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Oh I see. ok I’ll give it a try. thanks