Netlify Identity gives 500 - Internal Server Error

Hi Recently my clients faced issues with login issue with netlify identity , I am using go-true js library to authenticate my users but since 3 days ago I am having this error “Internal Server Error - Request ID: 01G074G4PS4FVGSM6M8VYZB0MS” I have checked everything from my side , like billing accounts and other resources but cannot find any suitable answer . Can anyone guide me what is the workaround solution for this. Thanks :slight_smile:

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That’s an issue on our end and the engineers have been notified. There’s no workaround at the moment, so keep an eye out on this thread for further notifications.

Hi @hrishikesh, I’m having the same issue and I’ve had an issue very similar to this in the past. (Link) Tagging @hillary since she responded on that last issue. Are there any updates on when this will be resolved? And is there a reason why these major Identity issues (no access to Identity services at all for some period of time) are not displayed on the Netlify Status page?

Hi @utech-official-porta,

We’ve just been updated by the team. This should be working now. Can you let us know if you’re still having issues?

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