Netlify Functions Multi-Region

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I know it would require some extensive development, but I would love to see the Netlify Functions abstraction grow to encompass AWS’s Route 53 and multi-region Lambda setups - e.g. to have Functions replicated across multiple AWS data-centers globally. As far as I understand it, Route 53’s extensive capabilities allow for geographically zoned requests to different datacenters hosting replicated Lambda functions.

Netlify has done such a great job of making sure static content is delivered globally via their custom APN, but there’s some inherent drawback if your interactive site loads super fast initially then dynamic data comes slowly. Such is the case for folks in non-US countries, where the APN may be there to deliver the static content quickly, but their browsers have to reach across oceans to hit Functions. I know that you can request to have your Functions moved to another data center (thread) but that still leaves some folks out for global sites.

Thinking about a site running global static content via the APN and perhaps Fauna as a globally distributed data layer, Functions would be the ‘glue’ to connect the browser to its data. If there’s an APN node in Sydney and a Fauna node in Sydney but Functions are running in us-west-1 that’s a shame :stuck_out_tongue:

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Awesome request and thanks for the smart framing :bulb: I’ve added it to our internal tracking issue for this feature.

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