Get AWS region of deployed sites

Hello! I have the following sites deployed via Netlify:


I understand that Netlify uses AWS underneath and wanted to know the AWS region these sites are using (not the function region, but the region of the site itself)


Hi @Bianca,

Thanks for reaching out and welcome to Netlify’s Support Forums!

We have CDN nodes across the world. So when a user visits the website hosted on Netlify, the data is fetched from the closest CDN node. If the content is not cached in that node, it is fetched from the origin server, which is in the US. However, the content is then stored in that CDN node and it need not be in US.

You can find a list of of our CDN network here:

Hi @Melvin,

Just to confirm, if our website sends an HTTP request to a third-party API, which CDN node region will that request be coming from?


Hi @Bianca,

Thanks for following up.

It will depend on which scenario applies to you site:

  • When using Netlify Functions: Calls to third-party APIs from our Functions will originate from various IP addresses, as these functions utilize a pool of dynamic IPs.

  • When using a 200 proxy redirect rule: If you set up a proxy to a third-party API using a 200 redirect rule, the requests will appear to come from the IP addresses of the CDN node that the browser is connected to.

  • Direct third-party API calls from the client-side: If the API calls are made directly from the client-side without any proxying through our service or using functions, the IP address observed by the third-party API will be that of the user’s own internet service provider.

Given that you are using Next.js for your project, the scenario described in the first bullet point would apply, where API calls made from Netlify Functions will utilize random IP addresses from our function’s dynamic IP pool.