Netlify hosting on AWS Cloudformation - custom regions possible?


I understand that Netlify has a limited number of availability regions supported. My site, however, would require it to be hosted on the ap-south-1 region. There will be legal restrictions binding us to where content is served from (in production).

Since it won’t be possible on Netlify directly, I was wondering if deploying Netlify using CloudFormation will be a solution? Does that mean I will be able to use it to deploy my Netlify site on my own AWS account, in the ap-south-1 region? Or did I completely understand the purpose of that?

Sorry if the question was dumb. Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

Just to expectation-set, we can only deploy lambda functions to your own AWS account - and even that is an Enterprise-level (only) feature. I do believe that if we are doing that, we can select any (single, supported-by-AWS-for-running-lambdas region) to deploy into and you will not be limited to our supported regions.

There is no way for you to prevent our CDN from serving your site from anywhere, unless you do some blocking at request time using something like redirects or edge functions (here’s how: Block content according to country | Edge Functions on Netlify).