Changing deployment region?

We’ve noticed that our region for the site seems to be based in the US even though our clients are mostly in Europe… Any ideas how we can change our region to be in Europe?

Hi. Sadly, it’s not possible if you’re using Netlify free. From what I know, the CDN is something that’s managed automatically and users don’t have a control over it. Also, not all CDNs are available for free.

There’s a little chance that I might be wrong though.

Hi, @IndigoMelody. Are you asking about changing the region for where the CDN node is or is this the region for Functions?

For the CDN nodes that serve the site, this should already be happening. We have CDN nodes in many locations around the world and mutiple nodes in each location (in nearly all cases).

If the site is not being served from different location, please let us know what custom domain this is not working for and we will be happy to share instructions to resolve it.

If this is about the Functions region, that can be changed. ​If this is the issue, please let us know which site this is for and what region the Functions should be deployed in. Once that is done, a new deploy of the function (something that changes the bundle checksum) is required for the change to take effect.

If there are questions about any of this, please let us know.

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Hi @luke , I have a similar request about changing the region for our functions (to Sydney, Australia). Do we request this kind of change here or where’s the best place?

Thanks very much, James

hi @jdubs - which site is this regarding? You would need to have a Pro account or higher with us to make that change. We can move functions to ap-southeast-1 - that is the only region that is available at this time. Let me know and we can make the change!

Hi @perry , thanks very much for that! If ap-southeast-1 is the closest we can get then we’ll take it!

We’re on a Pro account and the sites are below.

  • 8ad36bfc-162f-44c0-bcf9-afdec713bfdb
  • f08d96da-035f-4008-b6a3-260af9ed999b
  • 073bc2ff-1775-4f1d-956c-d7121d080cfa

We will have 2 more sites that will need to be done too but we’ll get these going first.

Thanks very much, James

Hi there, @jdubs :wave:

Thank you so much for reaching out-- apologies that this thread was quiet for the past few days. We have completed this request for you!

Thanks very much @hillary, we’ll give this test and hopefully see the benefits!

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Hi there,

Please could we have the following sites updated to also be in ap-southeast-1? They belong the same Pro account that was referenced above.

  • b35b6315-598c-4622-990b-7fde25dbdeff
  • 7dfe67b1-bf64-4de7-ac56-29944869a551

Thanks very much, James

Hi @jdubs,

It has been done.

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Hi @hrishikesh ,
we have a Pro account (linked with this forum account) and would like to have the functions for the following sites updated to be in Frankfurt, Germany:

  • 16645306-0073-4d64-be96-54e2d492a3ad
  • 8f2e6021-a89f-46c9-a852-533bfd679b3b
  • f08b2c4a-425b-4719-9ef5-20a9b1455709
  • a5247d36-027c-4c06-ae1f-921684211958
  • 9f5ced44-da99-4f59-ba1f-4538e5e228a3

Thank you very much in advance.

Hi @greenconn,

The region has been updated for those websites.

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Thank you for the quick response and execution.

Is there a way for you to set the function region in general so that all future sites on our account can have that region or do we have to always have to request a change in this forum after we created the site?

We can set the region on an account level too. Is that what you need? It will apply to all current + future sites unless overridden on a site-level.

Yes, please set the function region for our account and all current and future sites to Frankfurt, DE

Hi @greenconn,

It has been done!


We would like to set the function region for siteid: e3aa7ad8-3d7b-4bfc-af43-178e6dffafcb to Frankfurt, DE

Also, send this request by (form) mail, but maybe this is faster :slight_smile:

Hi @devhablab :wave:

It looks like this was addressed in the helpdesk! Thanks for reaching out :slight_smile:

Hello, I would like to change the following site (440dd4d3-5fa0-4043-9df1-96b2dde35d7f) to the Germany region

hi there, we moved your functions to eu-central-1 which is in frankfurt, enjoy.