Change backing store data center

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I am quoting this support guide: [Support Guide] What is the difference between Netlify’s Enterprise CDN and normal CDN?

As a result, assets that are not frequently accessed on a node will have to be fetched from our backing store at our data center in San Francisco.

As my sites target people in europe, where I am based, I’d like to have the content served from somewhere in Europe rather than the US to lower latency if requests miss cache. Apart from that it would lower traffic on your network and also be more sustainable. Is this possible?

If this clarifies what I am talking about; vercel has a region configuration that allows changing where content should be served from: CLI – Vercel Docs

Site name:

I just found this very similar request, that got derailed to Netlify Functions: Changing deployment region? The OP was asking for the same feature as I am.

Hey @luksak,

At the moment, we only support changing region for function backed content. For static content, we usually see cache hit ratio of about 70-80% for a site, so after an initial load, the site should most likely be fetched from the nearest location instead of the origin.

But, this is not optimal in some cases probably and we can see that you wish to change the data-center location. While there are no immediate plans to do this, we would add this as a feature request and update if something changes in this area.

Ok, got that. But still this would actually be really important for me.

I see very bad cache hit ratios on my sites on netlify. Especially on lower traffic sites it is quite bad. So either the cache hit ratio or the response time of cache misses have to improve. Otherwise I simply have bad performance for my smaller Europe-targeted sites.

Hi Lukas and makes total sense!

Fortunately, there is an easy answer! Don’t use your bare domain with our load balancer as your primary custom domain, instead for your primary custom domain, use a subdomain set to a CNAME pointing to your - that is all over the world, not in one location :slight_smile:

We recommend Then, visitors only one time would go to, where our load balancer in the US will redirect them onto our CDN, where the closest CDN node will answer their request instead. For European visitors, that will be in Frankfurt. For US visitors, it will depend on where they are as we have points of presence on the east and west coasts. For Asia, they’ll go to singapore, and so forth.

That is the general best practice advice for configuring our CDN anyway: Learn how to set up DNS on Netlify. Should you choose a subdomain or bare domain? Use Netlify DNS or another DNS provider? See our recommendations to help you best leverage our global CDN.

@fool this is not an answer to my question. My request is about the root CDN server, not DNS.

The answer is about CDN too. The above answer and linked guides explain how different DNS configurations can affect the CDN response times.