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Can I set my Netlify server location?

I’ve just deployed some serverless functions for a Bet Trading app. Everything is fine as it was in development, but I’m getting an error from the trading API regarding the location. It restricts access to only a few locations such as UK, Portugal, Australia, Italy. So I think the serverless functions that reside in the Netlify server must be from a location outside of these regions.

Is there a way to update the server location to a chosen location? Is that a premium feature? It’s important that I am able to do this otherwise I won’t be able to use the service and will probably have to switch to AWS Lambda. I was planning to scale up in the near future - I’m just getting off the ground now though.

I know it is a problem with location as the error code states this:

the account is accessed from a location where betting is restricted

Hi, @mindful,

The title is slightly misleading. Netlify servers is not equal to the serverless functions’ locations. Just to clarify, you cannot select the location of the website (this is what is served by Netlify). However, when on a paid plan, you can request a location update for the serverless functions.

We only allow the following locations:


As to where each of those server is, you can find it here:


Ok that’s great. Is this option to set the location available for the pro plan? If not, is it available in the business/ enterprise?

Hi @mindful,

A pro subscription is enough for this to be set, but from the looks, it seems like none of the locations we have are supported for your use case.

I thought eu-central-1 would be fine, but it seems Europe (Frankfurt) may not be enough, as it may need to be in my location Europe (London), sadly.

Yes, it seems so. Probably Netlify might not be the right service for your case then.