Can I set my Netlify server location?

I’m weighing Netlify and Vercel.
I want Netlify to introduce user-only region selection for Serverless functions.
Then I think it will be much more competitive than Vercel.

hi @ParkYoungWoong ,

Good news! paying customers (Pro and above) are able to set regions for their functions already.

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Hi, @perry
Thanks for the reply.
I am teaching frontend development in Korea.
Netlify Serverless Functions doesn’t provide Seoul region by default, so students using the free version think Netlify is slow.
So unfortunately, students typically choose Vercel.
But Netlify is lovely because it provides netlify-cli for efficient local testing, and easily configurable Edge Functions.
Therefore, I hope that many Korean students will use Netlify rather than Vercel, and hopefully a user-only region selection feature of Serverless Functions will be created soon.

Is the eu-central-1 only for fucntions? For GDPR it is important, that the website is hosted in Europe. is it possible?

hi @ulrichbenedikt

That change is possible but is only available for our paid plans. May I suggest that you change to our Pro subscription which, alongside function regions, also unlocks function timeout and lot more business-friendly upgrades:

@gualter : I updated to pro plan. is it possible to change the server to eu-central-1 now? I would like to test it with a GDPR scanner. Thank you very much :slight_smile:

@ulrichbenedikt done! please redeploy the site to make it effective.

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Thank you! But how can i proof, that it is really happening? the link from above ( is showing me a lot of information about my side, but nothing about the region “eu-central-1”. i am also not using netlify functions.

a following website scanner tells me, that the site is hosted in USA…

what can i do? how to proof, that it is in europe? @gualter

Thank you! :slight_smile:

You can trust us, or not. I can see that all requests to that site which trigger functions, will be run in the eu-central-1 AWS availability zone.

Note that there is no way to cause your entire site to be served only from any location; our CDN has nodes worldwide that will be used if the visitor is not from near the EU. Only functions are run there (for everyone, no matter where they visit from).

While I am not a lawyer, we have spoken many times with our legal team and confirmed that the GDPR has no requirements that your hosting be entirely within Europe. Of course your lawyer may disagree, but you should take that up with them to understand if Netlify is the right platform for you since you cannot “limit” our site service to Europe (you can configure your site to redirect visitors from other countries away, but you cannot stop us from answering web requests to the site from the US, unless you deploy custom code such as Block content according to country | Edge Functions on Netlify


Thank you,
It sounds logically, what you say :slight_smile: As a feedback, it would be good, to have somewhere in the login area a section, where it is written, that we are using eu-europe-1. Heroku is for example doing it. Only trusting words in a forum is not enough :slight_smile:

But thank you a lot, for explaining it to me in detail :sunflower:

I would kindly ask if you could change the location which is best for central & south america for all our sites. Thank you.

I updated it to us-east-1

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Hi, would you mind changing the location of our site e0c3dccf-54d1-4d5d-95b5-93580a90cc49 to a server best suited for the UK, not sure if that would still be Frankfurt or if you have anything closer now. Many thanks

Hi, I moved that site to eu-central-1 which would is best suited for the UK.

Thanks Sam, we are still really struggling with huge latency on API requests. We’ve spun the site up on an alternative dedicated server and get no latency whatsoever. Is there anybody who can provide some idea of what is going on. We’ve been chasing our tails on this one for weeks now and I’d really appreciate any help we can get. I’ve spun the site up on Vercel too and see the same latency, so I’m fairly sure this has something to do with the way AWS works.

Scrap that last request Sam, after redeploying with the new EU zone, the latency has gone

awesome glad to hear it!


can you change the serverless location for the following sites to eu-central-1?

  • 6f06bc34-52d8-46cf-a8b2-b6084c0d5c59
  • 01646619-1a44-487e-b340-90846cf8e793

Thanks in advance.

hey :wave:

could you please move the following sites to eu-central-1 as well :hugs:

  • b1520fa2-f6a0-406f-aa3c-25067f7ce26f
  • dac3a29f-6989-4b2f-9fb3-0060ee569625
  • 41e86779-9d21-42d8-9c9c-f492ca92b575

@andreas1 and @finum, it’s done, please re-deploy.

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