Can I set my Netlify server location?

I’m weighing Netlify and Vercel.
I want Netlify to introduce user-only region selection for Serverless functions.
Then I think it will be much more competitive than Vercel.

hi @ParkYoungWoong ,

Good news! paying customers (Pro and above) are able to set regions for their functions already.

Hi, @perry
Thanks for the reply.
I am teaching frontend development in Korea.
Netlify Serverless Functions doesn’t provide Seoul region by default, so students using the free version think Netlify is slow.
So unfortunately, students typically choose Vercel.
But Netlify is lovely because it provides netlify-cli for efficient local testing, and easily configurable Edge Functions.
Therefore, I hope that many Korean students will use Netlify rather than Vercel, and hopefully a user-only region selection feature of Serverless Functions will be created soon.