Changing deployment region?

Hi guys is changing regions for functions only available for paid plans?

Hey there, @powermikee :wave:

Thanks for reaching out! Yes, changing functions regions is only an option on our paid tiers. To see what other features are available on our paid tiers, you can check out our Pricing Page.

Could we get all relevant features changed to the EU region for the Site ID 04f65634-ee83-4eb4-b683-814215235308 please?

hi there @michaeldever , we took care of this for you!

Dear Netlify-team,

would be great if you could move 7e70ee4f-2680-4dca-bf75-afee54f2f008 to eu-central-1 as well :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot!

it’s done! enjoy. :slight_smile:

Wow, that was fast! :smile: Thanks!

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Hi Netlifier :slight_smile: ,
Please change my functions of this ID site 40a3bb3f-0fea-48b7-a1ce-50b82607b128 to eu-central-1 Frankfurt.

This is done, @vUnAmp.

Thanks @hrishikesh :+1: