Python lambda functions?

From my understanding, Netlify functions are AWS Lambda functions with some extra wrapping code to make them easier to deploy and use. I have seen that it is possible to develop Lambda functions using Python and was wondering if the same is possible with Netlify (I’m thinking not as I’ve found no reference to them in the documentation.

Thanks for any help.


Hello, @teymour-aldridge, and welcome to our community forum!

At this time only Node (javascript) and Go are supported. Quoting our docs:

Currently, you can deploy serverless functions built with JavaScript and Go.

We do have an open feature request to support other language runtimes (Python, Ruby, Rust, etc). I have added this forum topic to the “+1 for python list” there. If/when we do support Python in Functions we’ll follow-up here in community to let you know.

Anyone else reading this, please feel free to chime in with a +1 below also stating what languages you most want to see added. (We’ll see these comments here and keep the counts for the languages on the feature request up to date.)


+1 for Rust please. I understand there are problems with cargo plugins and slow compilation but I’d love to make my build command a simple cargo run

@Robert_Snakard - we’d love it if you posted in #features and gave us as much detail as possible how this would be beneficial to you and other developers :muscle:

+1 for Python. I have been hoping for this for a long time!

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+1 for Python. I’d definitely start using netlify more then :slight_smile:

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+1 for python. We’d love to port some functionality we have in django to this

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+1 for Python!

I’m hoping to do font file manipulation to allow users to customize font downloads, and FontTools (a Python library) is really the one option for such work.

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+1 for Python, thanks!

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+1 for Python 3.7+ functions

+1 for Python. A Flask-route like behavior would be ideal.

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i have added your voices to the choir - we will update here as soon as there is something to share.

Please add my vote! I don’t see a feature request linked?

Hi, @ptim, your +1 has been added feature request (and I’m assuming you are asking for Python support - if not please correct me).

The feature request isn’t on a public repo though so there isn’t a link I’m able to share with you.

Welcome to the Netlify community site, by the way. If there are other questions/comments, please add them here anytime.

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+1 for Python please!

Hi @luke - I’m wondering if Python was ever added as a feature? Thanks!

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hi there,

thanks for bringing this up. We’ll try and get some updated information on the status of this.


+1 for python,
would also like to see rust

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Nice, added your +1 for Rust. Maybe of interest: we did just add Rust support to the build-image: (or, it was added for us by an awesome contributor)

+1 for Python! There’s a lot of libraries for Python that make certain calculations easier.