Python lambda functions?

+1 for Python. This is blocking us from using Netlify. :disappointed:

+1 For Python. Thank you

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+1 for Python :wrench:

+1 for Python Netlify functions

+1 for Python – already have use cases in mind.

Welcome to the Netlify Forums! Thank you for sharing your insights here, we appreciate the feedback.

+1 for Python. This would be a huge benefit to those who might be doing some data science or ML type stuff.

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+1 for Python. Thanks.

+1 for Python definitely

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Thank you for sharing your feedback, we appreciate it!

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+1 Python.
Easy to learn and use and tons of great modules

+1 for Python, I’m deploying several different projects where I’m using Python lambdas on AWS and would MUCH rather run them through Netlify.

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+1 for Python, it’ll be much easier if I were to deploy both the static site and the python services here.

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Thank you for your input. The team appreciates the feedback and we’ll pass it on to the devs.

+1 for Python :netliheart:

Thank you for adding your voice @ryansteil!

+1 for Python :netliheart:


Python ++ Thank you!
Would be super convenient to manage csv work and handle some tabular data with Pandas!

Thanks for the input @heyitsmatt.