Netlify DNS restrictions

I wanted to set up Netlify DNS, but I got this message:

.fr domains can’t be registered through Netlify

Can we know exactly what are the restrictions for setting up Netlify DNS: .fr ? all “country” domains?
And will these restrictions be lifted someday?


Hi @Victor! Welcome to netlify community.

You cannot purchase .fr domains through Netlify. Is that what you are attempting to do? You can certainly use that domain on netlify once it is purchased, though. :slight_smile:

Hhi @laura,

I don’t want to purchase the .fr domain through Netlify, I just want to use Netlify DNS with this domain. The doc says:

If the domain was registered elsewhere, you can choose to use Netlify DNS for automatic configuration, branch subdomains, and automatic HTTPS on all subdomains via wildcard certificates.

Also, I will have other domains to switch to Netlify DNS, what are the restrictions? So we cannot use Netlify DNS for .fr domains, but can we use it for .org domains for example? What kind of domains are not supported?

Hi, @Victor, this is the current list of top-level domains which we don’t support (for various reasons):


Note, this list is subject to change (but if you ask again, we’re happy to answer again here in the forum).

Thanks @luke!
(I wanted to open a PR to add this in the docs, but I guess the doc is not on GitHub.)

Good idea, @Victor! I’ll let our docs team know about this (the docs repo is private) :+1:

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Hi @Victor!
We took a look at this issue in our weekly support/docs meeting, and I wanted to point out that if you’ve already registered your domain elsewhere, you can still add it to Netlify DNS:

However, the way the text is structured, with the “can’t be registered” message first and in bold, it’s really easy to miss. (I missed it myself! :stuck_out_tongue:)

I’m filing an issue to make the UI for this state clearer.

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Yes it’s what I did, but then Netlify DNS won’t be enabled, if I understood well.

To be able to use Netlify DNS I had to register a .com (I did it elsewhere) and add it to my site: now Netlify DNS is enabled.

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@Victor If you select that “Yes, add domain” button and follow the prompts, then go to your domain registrar and point your nameservers to the ones we specify, you’ll be using Netlify DNS. The only thing we can’t do with .fr TLDs is register a new domain.

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@verythorough It’s what I did, like for the .com, but with the .fr Netlify DNS is not enabled:


Hi Victor,

If you click the menu button (three horizontal dots), you should see the ‘edit domain’ option that will take you to the DNS zone dashboard for that domain:

The ‘Netlify DNS’ badge works only for the Primary Domain. Domain aliases will not show that badge even if you have a DNS zone configured for that domain.

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Ok, thanks!
Anyway I moved to a .com domain name :grin: But I’m happy I could use Netlify DNS with a .fr when I need it.
So, why was @luke saying that .fr domains were not supported by Netlify DNS for now? I’m a bit lost sorry.

Hey victor, glad it is working. You can’t register and purchase .fr domains directly through the netlify site, but you can attach a .fr site that you purchase separately through a different registrar to our service. I hope that makes sense now :slight_smile: