Supported TLDs for NetlifyDNS?

I’ve just moved my site over from Azure to Netlify but still have it fronted by Cloudflare as I was unable to move my domain over - it says domains are not supported?!

Any chance of that changing any time soon?

Is there a documented list of supported TLDs?

I don’t see why they won’t be supported. But since we’re using NS1 as the DNS provider, any TLD that’s supported by them is supported by us.

If you’re talking about this message:

As the text says, you just need to click on Add domain to continue.

Yes, that’s the error. However I can’t follow the suggested process as it suggests instead of transferring to Netlify to instead delegate by amending config on my current DNS provider and domain registrar to use the nsone name servers instead of their own.

As I’m with Cloudflare currently on a free plan, I can’t do that - to use custom nameservers I need to upgrade to their Business plan at $200/month which I’m clearly not going to do!