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Netlify deploys branches somewhere (even if there is no Netlify connection)

Somehow Netlify manages to auto deploy our development branches somewhere alongside our Netlify connection (and they also fail each time, even if our connection works fine):

To fix that I even tried to disable Netlify connection to this repo, but Netlify still manages to deploy.

How to fix that?

If you disable Netlify App, then I don’t think Netlify can build for previews and even if it does, it’s not possible to add those checks.

Are you sure there’s no other website connected to the repo?

Maybe someone linked personal account, I will check that. But maybe we can somehow remove it?

@hrishikesh any ideas?

Could you share the repo URL. We could find the sites connected to the repo.

@hrishikesh Can we do it in private (via email)?

You could send me a private message on the forums. I’ve upped your user level, so private messages should be now enabled for you.

Hi @brachkow,

As I can see, that repo is not connected to any Netlify website anymore. Are you sure you’re still seeing those checks?

@hrishikesh yes, see PM

Oh yes, you’re right. That website is connected to your repo. The account is owned by v***k****@corsoagency.info. Is there any chance you know this person?

Note: I can’t share the complete email address due to security reasons.

Hi @brachkow,

I’d advise to continue the rest of the discussion on this thread as there’s no sensitive data that needs to be shared privately anymore.

Coming back to the original problem, I understand that they should not have access to the code, but we might need to follow some procedures and cannot take them down immediately. I’d advise you to file a DMCA complaint here: DMCA Takedown Policy and we can then provide them a notice. They can either revert within 24 hours after we give them a warning and if they don’t revert, we can take that website down.

However, for us to be able to give them a warning of any sort, we’d need to have a complete request from your end that could prove your ownership of the code and that they’re violating it.

I hope you understand and would allow us to proceed with this in a systematic way.