Disconnect between GitHub and Netlify with successful deploy hook

  1. View Change instances of xdc to ads in readme by APJohns · Pull Request #175 · bsc-xdc/anatomy · GitHub
  2. Notice that ‘netlify/anatomydesignsystem/deploy-preview’ is ‘Expected — Waiting for status to be reported’
  3. Notice that the rest of the checks have been completed
  4. Notice that merging is blocked without admin checking ‘Merge without waiting for requirements to be met (bypass branch protections)’

Hi there! We can’t help with the GitHub side of things, you’ll have to work directly with their support for help there if you end up needing it.

What have you tried to fix this so far, and what happened when you tried? Let me know, but also, some suggestions you could try:

  1. re-linking your repository: Repository permissions and linking | Netlify Docs . Link to the same repository, but this can reset the github linkage and get things working again
  2. re-enable the disabled github notification here: Netlify App - our system notes that it keeps failing, perhaps permissions have changed on GitHub around the teammate who configured this site?

Let us know what you’ve tried and what happened, please, and we’ll be able to help you out some more, likely next week since our free customers do get slower support responses than the folks who pay for our service :slight_smile:

Hi! Thanks for the reply.

Things we tried that didn’t work:
*Re-enabling the disabled github notification and updating the PR to retrigger the deploy (we did this several times over the past couple of days)
*Opening separate PRs to the same branch (dev) and the main branch
*Updating the build image
*Editing our commit status notifications

Fortunately re-linking the repository seems to have fixed it. In our case, our snippet injection settings were retained, but we had to reset our env variables, build settings, and branch deploys.


Thanks for coming back and sharing your workaround. We are glad you are no longer blocked! please let us know if you have any lingering questions.

Happy building :rocket: