Deleted Site Still Runs Check on Github, PRs blocked


Our Github Netlify connection is still checking PRs, despite revoking permissions to our enterprise Github account AND deleting our Netlify site.

Every PR on our repo is blocked by an automatic check that hangs forever:

Site: netlify/determined-volhard-67606b/deploy-preview

PLEASE can someone help, especially someone from the Netlify team. It’s very concerning that your integration behaves this way even after having permissions revoked.

Hmm, I don’t read that quite the way you do - I read that as: “you have configured your git project to expect these checks” and that is a local config on your GHE server. I may be wrong since I don’t use GHE, but that’s how I think I would read it on too - please don’t hesitate to educate me if you think that’s wrong! I am almost certain that you can remove REQUIRED checks on your side - that is a repo-side configuration, so you hopefully can at least unblock yourself from my understanding (cf

I can confirm the site is deleted 100% on our side, so I have no way to even manipulate the settings on our side and they should indeed no longer be in effect.

Do you by chance have a timeline on when you deleted the site, and when that build where the check result didn’t come in started? Could it be a check from before you deleted your site? Regardless, could you get me a timestamp on that commit from your git server, and I will see what I can find in the logs?

Thanks in advance for your help in troubleshooting!