Netlify CMS-how to integrate

Hello there! I am trying to create a cms for my site as it is a news site and I need to learn how to do it more efficiently (right now, going into the code and everything is very tricky!). However I am having a bit of trouble

Website: (
Admin CMS page: This is not actually my real page! I just created an exact copy of my repository and deployed it so I can practice my CMS building skills without ruining my currently running page!

  1. First, it is asking me where I store my documents. The thing is I didn’t create any folders separately for articles so I am not sure what to put. I put 'folder: “_Connect-to-Change” but I am pretty sure it is not working.

  2. How do I make sure it’s going to specific pages? As you can see there are categories in each article and then it goes to that specific page, can I do this in CMS?

  3. How can I edit the widgets in such a way that it looks exactly like the existing CSS I have for articles? Do I have to create a widget or copy my css somewhere?

Please let me know if any of my asks are feasible within the the Netlify CMS

Hi @Ispeeta,
The way to configure the CMS is dependant on how your site is set up.
The CMS saves structured data (usually md files) in your git repo so they can be processed later during the build process to generate html and JavaScript files.
I’m not sure how that process works in your repo though.
Regardless you can read more about configuring the CMS collections here:
And use the development mode for testing:

As for using custom CSS I would suggest reading about custom preview templates: