Deploying changes from github to to netflify


I am new to Jamstack, netflify, etc.

I downloaded a template from the netlify site to my local machine and made changes to the site locally but when I pushed the changes to my github, it didn’t reflect in the site. I thought github was connected to Netlify. What am I doing wrong? Here’s the site

Here’s the same site as well:

Please help. Thanks!

hi there,

is this something you’ve tried recently, or some time ago? we did have a bug that it sounds like it might be related. Can you check and see if things work now and if this seems like it is describing what you are seeing?

That didn’t resolve the issue. Maybe I have some disconnect between github and netlify. I’m totally new as of yesterday

Does this look right? isogunro/site-humih (

Hey @isogunro

What changes did you make to the site? Was it content or design?

The template you have chosen uses Netlify CMS for content management. To access this go to /admin (i.e

The repository you shared is private too.

I made content changes. Where do I create the account for the CMS admin account?

never mind. Thank you very much!

Actually, when I log into the CMS system, there is not text to change. Everything is blank. Do I need to do anything for the CMS to reflect the content of the site?

Can you provide a screenshot of what you see?

This is what I see when I log in to my instance of the same template:

I see this

Each of those is a page of the site. You select one to bring up the editor.

Shouldn’t it contain the text that is currently on the page. This is what I see

If there is text, yes, it should appear there.

Did you edit the markdown file manually?

This is the products file in my repository and this is what I see

All I did was just change the Kaldi text for testing? I didn’t delete anything.

How can I do just continuous deployment? Videos I watch and docs are confusing since this is my first time.
Here’s the build settings page. What does the “dist” refer to?

I don’t have any build settings are they are in the netlify.toml in the root of the repository (in mine at least.)

This is the settings from mine

  publish = "public"
  command = "npm run build"
  functions = "lambda"

If you are having issues still, please make the repository you are deploying from public.

I don’t see the “public” folder below. Should I change the “site” to “public”?

Just saw this

The settings under [build] is what is used to build the site. The settings in the netlify.toml override those in the UI as mentioned in paragraph #2 in this documentation

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