How to easily install netlify cms

Hello, how are you?

how do I integrate a site made with bootstrap to netlify cms?
What is the easiest way to do this?
I have already read the documentation link
But I still do not feel like I know exactly how to test and use netlify cms for my site

Thank you very much

Welcome @matheusdouradobr! Netlify CMS is a content management system for Git based static site generators. It only outputs data in various formats like json, yml and markdown. You need a static site generator (or your own build system) to convert that data to html pages, it’s not possible to directly edit html pages with Netlify CMS.

That being said, there are a couple of starters to get you going, or you can add Netlify CMS to your own SSG setup following these instructions.

Ok thank you,
And is there any way I can automate the setup and installation of netlify cms?
I’m looking to do it the easy way
Thank you

The installation of Netlify CMS to any site is already pretty straight forward, all of your CMS configuration is loaded through a single config.yml. There’s no easier way to start than to use the mentioned starters or to follow the steps located at the ‘add to your site’ documentation link. All it takes is to read the docs and try it out! Feel free to ask any questions when you run into trouble.

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