Need help for dns confiiguration with DigitalOcean

Hi, we are going to configurate our dns, but the situation is a bit weird.
We have our domain provided by Aruba, an italian hosting provider.
In our company we use Plesk on DigitalOcean to manage our domains, so we have with 3 nameserver pointed to digitalocean, everything is working fine.

Now we are developing something fancy with netlify, for example admin panel
Is this ok what i did???

  1. add 3 netlify NS to Aruba becouse the italian provider accept at most 6 NS. So now i have first 3NS pointed to digitalocean and last 3NS pointed to netlify
  2. add CNAME inside digitalocean domain to point to the netlify app name
  3. add custom domain to inside netlify

In this moment the admin panel is working, but i’m havinig the ssl issue: domain name mismatch. The ssl is issued for * will i get a correct cert. later?

@neneji Your domain seems to be resolving correctly, and is loading over HTTPS.

@gregraven thank you for reply.
yes, but this configuration is really unstable.
I have my data provider in graphql via hasura in which was resolved corretly by netlify builder yesterday, but now it cannot be resolved…
In my understanding, when dns is going to resolve these domains in digital ocean NS, everything works fiine, becouse i can config the A and CNAME record in digital ocean to tell the dns where to go, but when the dns uses netlify’s NS, it resolves when it sees it responds “f**k off”. So is there any way to config A o CNAME in netlify?
Or its only a dns propagation issue, all i need to do is waiting? We have deadline at march 21st, for the launching event, and this situation lets me feeling really bad

@neneji According to whois, you have delegated both Netlify and Digital Ocean as name servers via Tucows. Unless you really know what you’re doing, you should have just one set of name servers responding to requests for your site:

|===================== whois name server for ====================
| ---------------------- ----------------------
   Updated Date: 2021-03-16T09:15:19Z
   Name Server: DNS1.P01.NSONE.NET
   Name Server: DNS2.P01.NSONE.NET
   Name Server: DNS3.P01.NSONE.NET

Once you settle on one set of name servers (Tucows/Aruba, Digital Ocean, Netlify, etc.), make all of your DNS entries there.

I should mention that even though your custom admin subdomain loads for me, it actually redirects to Is it supposed to do that? Where is that redirection coming from?

@gregraven i need to set the both NS, becouse i have some of my services on digitalocean and some on netlify, and most of the tld are managed by plesk, then synced automaticlly on digitalocean.
I just find the section to set the A and CNAME in netlify, so what i need is copy the settings from digitalocean’s dns to netlify’s dns.

@neneji That’s not usually the way it works, so good luck with that.

Hi, @neneji. Actually it is not a requirement to use Netlify DNS to use your domains with sites at Netlify.

This is my recommended solution below.

By the way, please do NOT delete this DNS record at DigitalOcean:	60	IN	CNAME

That DNS record is correct so please keep it.

The solution would be as follows:

1. Remove the Netlify DNS zone name servers from the domain configuration at the registrar. The screenshot below clarifies:

2. Going forward, just use DigitalOcean for DNS. Keep the existing CNAME there.

3. IMPORTANT! You must delete the now inactive Netlify DNS zone here using the “Delete DNS zone” button:

With those three steps the instability will be gone and the site will still be hosted at Netlify.

Going forward, if you want other subdomains to be hosted at Netlify, just add the custom domain to the site’s settings like you did and make the required CNAME record pointing to the site’s subdomain at Netlify (like - whatever the right subdomain is for the site you add the domain name to).

You can find the instructions for making DNS records when using any other DNS service (like DigitalOcean) here:

If there are other questions or if the solution above doesn’t work for any reason, please let us know.

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Hi @luke, thank you very much for the reply.
Now it’s very clear for me.
When I add the CNAME I got ssl generation error on netlify, so i thought it was necessary to use netlify’s NS.
The CNAME solution is the best for my situation becouse most of my domain records are managed automaticly in plesk hosted in digital ocean.
Thank you again for the explanation, it really helps me.

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