My verification link has expired

Hello Netlify admins,

On creating my Netlify account, I was asked by the website to verify my identity because they noticed spam issue from my end; whereas I just created the account.
While trying to verify, I used my national voters card, but the website reject it. Now, the verification link has expired, making it difficult for me to reverify it. I need quick help, please because I’m currently on a project.

Hi @veiledtechie,

Thanks for reaching out! Could you tell us the email address you want the verification email sent to?

I’ve seen the verification link. Thanks. I’ve reverify it, but the response I get is error fetching response. I don’t know what’s wrong. Can you please resend the verification link to the same email?

I’ve resent it. Please try opening this link in a different browser or in incognito mode.

send me too

@Tanishasi I’ve sent you a verification email