My ISP is blocking my netlify website

My Netlify Site:
My Domain:

I am very new to Netlify but I have followed all of the steps and connected my domain to my Netlify site. But it seems my ISP (Virgin Media) is blocking or hasn’t shown. My website works on Mobile Data, VPNs, and on a different ISP. But for some reason on Virgin Media, it is not working. It has been 24h and still nothing. Do I need to wait more time as I know sometimes certain ISPs take ages to propagate the DNS. I am using Google Domains and have added the 4 custom name servers onto my DNS.

Is this a common issue for Netlifys DNS to not work on virgin media? If so are there any solutions?

Hey @Zayd3030

I don’t believe your ISP is blocking your site.

It is possibly they have slow DNS or the issue my reside on your network and/or device.

If you have tried multiple devices on the same network (e.g. your desktop/laptop and phone) and one works and the other does, the issue is with the device that doesn’t work. If neither work the issue is either with your network (e.g. router) or that of the provider.

If it is a device related issue, seek out manufacturer information about correcting it. If it is a network related issue your provider may offer assistance in overcoming it.

I have tried multiple devices on the same network but still it does not work. I have even asked friends on the same ISP and it does not work for them. Only people with a different ISP, the website works for them.

I have heard that VM does have a slow DNS propagating time. I was just wondering if that has happended before.

I won’t think so. Being not in a country that has Virgin media as a provider, I’ve still heard its name - so I’d say it’s a popular service, maybe? In that case, I’d hardly think that it’s common problem with Netlify DNS and Virgin media.

Have you tried contacting Virgin Media? If it’s an issue on their end, they would be the best people to advise.

Yeah so the Website now works after 48h which is annoying. But yes VM has a very slow DNS update rate.