My account remains suspended and the customer support is not more responsive

Hey guys my registered account is So I tried to deploy a project (a blog app which isn’t scam/fraud related) but after deploying, my developer’s console kept showing me CORS error. So due to this, i deleted the deployed version, reworked on my code via vscode and redeployed (repeated this process twice) then all of a sudden I realised i could not log in. Thought it was an error originating due to the fact that I signed up via github so i decided to register with a different email directly on their platform and that’s when i realized that what happened is that netlify was blocking me from their platform due to the fact that they said they detected fraudulent activity from me.

I laid a complaint and a mail was sent to me to verify my identity via stripe. The problem with verifying my identity via stripe is that my international passport which stripe requested I upload, kept throwing up error after uploading and after the second attempt to verify, the link button has been deactivated and thus is not more clickable. I communicated this to the customer personnel but he stopped replying me.

This is unbelievable as it’s something I never expected. But via google search, I realized it’s something netlify always does. And communication via group chats with other software developers from my region, they stated to me that a very high majority of them also had their accounts suspended and its probably due to the region I’m coming/registering from.

So my question is that since the stripe verification is not working for me and the customer support that responded me once; stated that I should verify my identity or subscribe to a paid plan of which I said stripe is throwing errors has gone unresponsive to me, is there any other legal way I can have the suspension of my account lifted or is that their way of telling me not to use their platform? I also deploy via github pages and vercel for over a year now and i never had my account suspended, but my first deployment on netlify and the way I’m welcomed is to have my account suspended and ghost me.

If anyone has a solution to this or an alternative, please let me know so that I dont waste my time expecting the unblock of my account when in reality netlify has kicked me out permanently.


@alton From what I’ve seen, you just have the two options that you’ve already been provided:

  1. Verify your identify via Stripe (see: accepted documents)
  2. Sign up for a paid plan (at which point they know who you are via the payment details)

Netlify can send you a fresh verification link if you believe that will work, but I’d imagine they won’t keep sending them if it keeps failing to work (as doing so would be a waste of their own time).

It’s obviously disappointing, but if you’re unable to verify your identity and unable to get a paid plan, your best bet would be to use another provider.

I don’t work for Netlify, I’m just a (former) customer.

Originally there wasn’t even the option to provide identify verification, so they are adjusting how the bans are implemented over time, but I’ve not yet seen them make exceptions or accept peoples details outside of the Stripe process they implemented.

@alton, your account seems to be active.