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Multi-page form being spammed on a single page

Hi team,

Firstly, great job on the forms, I have been never so relieved on making forms online! I have a very specific problem to address here. I check my spam regularly to see if any genuine submissions got mistagged as spam.

Earlier I was getting a lot of spam, then I added a honeypot field as hidden to ensure that I can reduce my spam. This cut out more than 70% of the spam I was getting earlier.

On regular checking, I noticed one interesting thing. All my spam comes from one single webpage, though my form exists on several pages (probably over 30 pages on my site have the same form name) - I know this because of the word Subject: Vista Chiaro only having one webpage on our site. It would be nice to see how to get rid of this one spammer. The spammer does not have a browser as I noticed by creating an input field, supported by a javascript to inject the value using jquery of navigator.userAgent.

It would be nice how I can figure out to get rid of this spammer as well who is just targetting one single webpage.

Hi @sachinsancheti1

Completely understand your frustration with this sort of spam. Have had the same issue at times.

Hard to stop spammers when the spammer is often not a person but a well crafted script (which quite possibly has the ability to detect “honeypot” fields and ignore them.)

Possible Solution
Try adding a reCAPTCHA using either Netlify’s option or a custom option if you choose.

Dear @coelmay

I think that sounds like a good idea! thank you for this.