Missing "Master" Branch to Deploy

I’ve successfully connected my Bitbucket account to Netlify and am now trying to " Import an existing project from a Git repository." so I can try out a deployment. As soon as I get to the step “3. Site settings, and deploy!”, the “Owner” field is correct and preselected, but I can only select from old / deleted branches of my repository for the “Branch to deploy” field. I can’t see any active branches, or even master. I figured maybe it needed time to sync or something, but it’s been several days now. I’ve also repeatedly disconnected and reconnected Bitbucket to Netlify just in case, but still no luck.

What gives?

What site is this in relation to?

As if by magic, the “master” branch is now showing up. I really can’t explain this. It’s been missing for about a week but shows now randomly without explanation.

thanks for coming back and letting me know you found your solution!

I Have a similar issue. I can’t deploy the website as ‘Branch to Deploy’ is blank no matter which way I approach it. Does that mean I have to wait a week for it to appear before I can continue again? or is there another way to fix this?
Please help

@GranddadsFarm, your repo is empty: EarthWoodFlow/Minter_KnightGlide (github.com) there’s no branch.

I found the error. The Repo didn’t clone correctly. Now everything is working again.
Thanks for your help