Cant choose a branch nor find the path in the help docs

Hi, im very new to this, please have a litttle patience.
I created a github and a netlify account and everything worked fine so far: I uploaded my project folder on github, connected the account to netlify and wanted to import it Netlify.
But i cant choose a branch and hence, not deploy the page. I searched google and all, but the paths to where options are supposed to be, do not exist on my account. For example, there no deploy contexts under continuous deployment.
What am i missing here?

Hi @Caro :wave:t6: ,

Welcome to the forums. Did you link your repo to netlify?

Finally, I recommend you read this blog post for continuous deployment step by step guide. Finally can you share your site name?

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Hey, thanks for your help!
I tried to link my repo, but was unable to, because i couldnt select the branch. My repo is a resume page with personal info, so i cant share the link, sry^^
I ended up doing it all on Netlify, which works as intended. Now im wondering, since its supposed to be and stay a private page, i dont really need github here, do i?

Hi caro it’s up to you. If your site is deployed without github then you don’t need it.