Manual deploy never finished

I am trying to deploy the file which includes html and css.
However, uploading has never finished. Is there any solution for this problem?

can you post a log or some kind please, so we can see what the error is?

Thank you, Perry.
I dragged and dropped my file that includes html and css, but the uploading is still continuing.

interesting - how big is the site, may i ask? if it contains large assets (big images or video files or?), doing this via the UI may not work as well.

Thank you for your advice, Perry.
The file size is 957 MB and it actually includes a video file.
Will it be impossible to upload my site with Netlify?

hey there, that is probably why then. I think that the video file is likely getting “stuck”.

Netlify Large Media is potentially a good option. How big is the video?

here is a similar thread:

Hi Perry. Thank you for the helpful link.
My video file size is 1 KB.
I tried to upload another two files those sizes are 26 MB and 10 MB, and those succeeded.
It seems that the size of the file I uploaded first was too large though Netlify says it’s free until 100 GB.
I’m trying to figure out how to reduce the file size.

hi there, it’s not so much the size of your project overall, but it really is those big files - our system is not optimized for anything over a couple of MB, both for down and for uploading.You would do better to look into Netlify Large Media, i think.

Thank you for your suggestion, Perry.
I’ll try Netlify Large Media.

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