Regarding large amount of file uploads

Hey. I was reading this article that resemble close to my situation
Netlify build and deploy of large scale websites (70,000+ pages).

Now my site is generating nearly 15GB and some 100k static html pages. But I can’t seem to upload that to netlify, possibly because of that much files. Can I be helped in this case by support?

Here is my site id: 2e738b79-7135-4b83-a91c-c9ba5d766dd2

How are you uploading? Deploying via Git would be the safest and easiest way here. Anything else has chances of failing (or it could work, but take much longer).

I don’t have enough bandwidth to push the static folder to git. Using a third party netlify actions cli on GitHub. Last time I uploaded, GitHub actions failed, but the deploy on netlify went overnight and was a success the next morning. But it would be much easier if there was a large number of parallel uploads option.

Feel free to file an issue on the CLI repo to request that feature.