How to manage large media


Hopefully this question makes sense for the purpose of this support forum, but I’m struggling to find a solution to my issue. I currently use Netlify Drop as a way to directly upload my website’s files online and to my purchased domain, and it works perfectly fine so long as the main folder that I upload is under 80MB.
However, because part of my website involves the sharing and uploading of large media, i.e. videos, photos, etc., I cannot upload my website directly any more. The interface, after dragging and dropping the main folder, stalls on “uploading” the current version, and never ends up uploading that site folder.
I thought that it would be worthwhile to look at the “large media” tab in the interface, but since the only method shown involves interfaces I’m not accustomed to, I am unsure how to utilize such methods—given they only show those back-ends that I’ve never used with Netlify.
So that’s my main question, is how to properly use Netlify to be able to continually upload my website, given that I’d very much need the ability to upload large media.

Thank you in advance for your time ^^

Hi, @nateshawver. The name itself “Large Media” is a bit of a misnomer. Large Media is a Git LFS replacement service. If you are not using Git LFS (and it doesn’t sound like you are), then using Large Media isn’t a solution.

The recommended solution here is to stop using drag and drop to deploy and to use the Netlify CLI tool instead. There is more documentation about this here:

If you use the Netlify CLI tool to deploy, your deploy will no longer time out. If there are questions about ow to use the CLI to make manual deploys, please let us know.