Netlify CLI gets stuck handling files over 40MB in size

Hey just wanted to report that when uploading big files it gets stuck when uploading them using the CLI tool

How big are your files? We should probably put some caps on there so you don’t try to upload things over ~40Mbyte, since those are unlikely to work well on our CDN. Large Media is the way to use larger files:

couple hundred mbs or so, It does work but sometimes can get stuck, also no please keep it with no cap , this tool is really useful and it is nice without any stupid caps put on it.

Hey there, definitely give #netlify-platform:netlify-large-media a try - it is specifically designed for your use case. As mentioned above, our CDN does not work properly with the kinds of filesizes you are trying to use it with. I’m glad you love the CLI, it is super nice and works really well for the kinds of filesizes for regular web page assets. We’ll ping things over to our documentation team to make sure we make it more clear that larger files aren’t going to work :+1:

Ok thanks for the update

yr welcome! If you have questions about NLM you get help by posting in the #netlify-platform:netlify-large-media category :slight_smile: