Can only upload 5 files at once via command line. Succeeds eventually

Since recently, when deploying via the command line, I get an error during the uploading stage, always at the 14th file:

$ netlify deploy --prod
Deploy path: /Users/jeroen/www
Deploying to live site url...
✔ Finished hashing 2316 files
✔ CDN requesting 31 files
o (14/31) Uploading index.html... ›   Error:
. (14/31) Uploading index.html...%

When I run the command again, it appears that about 5 files have actually been uploaded. If I repeat netlify deploy often enough, everything eventually gets uploaded and the deployment succeeds. Apart from this being a bit annoying, there appear to be many deploys being stuck in the uploading stage, all with a log such as:

2:34:47 PM: Creating deploy upload records

I’m running the following version of netlify-cli:

$ netlify -v
netlify-cli/2.0.0-beta.10 darwin-x64 node-v14.3.0

Thanks for your help with this interesting issue.


we made some changes recently to how the cli handles uploads, for stability reasons.

I am seeing that you are using an older version of the CLI. Could you try updating to the newest version and see if you are still seeing the error when you upload?

How silly of me. I really was under the impression that I had updated the CLI before posting such a long message. Now that I have updated it correctly, everything works. Thank you!

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