Managing both subdomains and root domains

Hey I had hosted a netlify site on domain by connecting it to netlify DNS(changing all nameservers).
Then I hosted another site on vercel and I wanted to connect it to root domain so I added the domain but somehow my new site got connected(vercel) and the one hosted on netlify with the subdomain was taken down.
How can I effectively manage both the sites one hosted on netlify with blog subdomain and the other hosted on vercel with the root domain?
I can see all the domains here

But my was taken down.
Your prompt reply is greatly appreciated. Let me know if you need anything else.
Edit: My last deploy failed(due to some internal error in my application)

Hi @Saswat689,

At your registrar that has the domain, could you make a NS (Name server) record that points to the Netlify name servers mentioned here:

This would allow you to delegate a standalone subdomain:

Thanks for responding. As I said I am using netlify DNS so I already have those nameservers in my godaddy. What should I do?

Also after putting in the name servers I don’t have any control over the domain(godaddy) so essentially in order to connect to root domain I have to do it through netlify dns which I did but still getting the issue

Hi @Saswat689,

Thanks for following up.

I believe the issue is that the bare domain,, while configured with Netlify name servers, has an A Record and a CNAME Record pointing to Vercel.

I recommend either using the delegated stand alone subdomain to Netlify DNS, or at your registrar, create an A Record and a CNAME Record and configure External DNS for

Thanks for your help I fixed it! The way I did was I removed all the apex and subdomains from under the control of netlify dns(using nameservers) and then I simply used CNAME for the netlify website and added A records and another CNAME for site hosted in vercel

Awesome! Thanks for updating us and letting us know how you resolved the issue.