HostEurope Netlify Nameservers

I registered a domain through HostEurope. The domain is: psychologiefü

I was able to NS delegate the domain with hostname www.
psychologiefü but I am not able to delegate
psychologiefü without a hostname. I get an error message that the host name is a required field.

You can see in the screenshot, that I added all netlify name servers to NS delegate the www. domain but I am not able to do the same without www. Anyone had that issue before?

Thank you very much for your support!

Hiya @andrelandgraf! You cannot delegate specific records, or subdomains, to Netlify. You’ll want to use the instructions for configuring CNAMEs at your existing DNS host instead:

You should also delete your attempt to partially host DNS here as it will interfere with normal operations. You can do that here:

Thanks for the support!

On HostEurope: I removed the NS-Delegate entries and added one CNAME entry for www.psychologiefü to

On Netlify: I also deleted the domain from Netlify. I wasn’t aware that adding an external hosted domain to Netlify would trigger “partially hosting it”. Is there any way to set www.psychologiefü as the primary domain in Netlify? Or is this just not needed at all? This actually confuses me know a bit. I cannot see the deleted domain in the domain list anymore but under domain settings of my app, the domain is still listed as the primary domain. I also added the external hosted domain to Netlify for my other projects, could you please explain a bit more what I did wrong this time? :slight_smile:

Also, for redirecting the bare domain without www to Netlfiy, it states I need to know the static IP address. Where can I find that address?

Thanks again for your help! Highly appreciated :slight_smile:

It isn’t about where the domain is hosted; it’s about you configuring a feature that you don’t intend to use, which feature causes our service to act differently (you can see one way we do so here, around SSL, in the blue box in this article:

Your removal of the DNS hosting configuration should not have included any other changes to your site settings - the hostname must be applied to a site for us to serve it.

This article has all that you should need to know when hosting your DNS elsewhere, but using netlify to serve the site with good performance:

Happy to talk through your proposed settings before you change anything, if you’d like!

Alright, I figured it out now. Thanks for your help.

I thought “Add or register domain” on the domains page had the same effect as “Add domain alias” on the domain settings of a site. I registered a domain through GoDaddy a while back and was able to add the Netlify name servers on GoDaddy. On HostEurope, I tried to achieve the same but HostEurope does not (at least easily) allow to change the name servers. Your blog post explains how to add CNAMES and A entries for when adding nameservers is not possible, I guess. That worked for me know but confused me first since I wanted to add the Netlify name servers.

Got it figured out now. Thanks for your help, again!