Deploy different sites to different subdomains

I’d like to build a site on a subdomain of a custom domain I have setup in Netlify that I did not register with Netlify. This site under a subdomain would be totally different than the site at the root.

For instance, take a look at these two Netlify sites:

I’ve added a CNAME record to the custom domain I want to use a subdomain for and added the target as another Netlify site using a Netlify subdomain such as pointing to but this isn’t working.

Help? Thanks.

Hello @twhite96, have you added the subdomain as the custom domain for that Netlify site? There’s two steps to get a domain or subdomain working on Netlify: 1. Set up the DNS record as you have mentioned. 2. Set up the domain or subdomain on the netlify site. Let me know if that helped.

Yep this works! Thank you!

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