How do I point a netlify deployed site to my custom subdomain

First of all I’m a newbie so please be patient with me :smiley: I’m working on a personal project website and I deployed a test site to Netlify (from Github repo) to check how to redirect, but haven’t managed to do it for two days. I deleted the site and want to make it proper from scratch.

  • the site will have a custom name on netlify, not the randomly assigned name by Netlify
  • let’s say I have my own domain “” on Hawkhost (along with the shared hosting plan, but I think that’s not relevant in this case)
  • my netlify site will be - how do I make it appear on

And also, will this new address appear with https or http?

I know CNAME is one option, although I’m not well versed in these things so there are probably other options. I did went to Netlify blog looking for advice but the articles I found say that I’m supposed to have Netlify DNS. Thanks for any help!

Go here: Domain management | tomsite | Netlify → click on Add domain → add as the domain → Follow this: Configure external DNS for a custom domain | Netlify Docs