Using instead of subdomain.provider.domain

  • Netlify subdomain:
  • custom domain:
  • We use Netlify DNS.

Some software developers allow one to use one’s own (sub)domain instead of the subdomain they offer.
Example: Odoo offers:
We want to host a shop at:
What do I have to do in our Netlify account for this to happen?

It might be this simple: I create here a CNAME record with the name magazin and the value:
Then I verify this record here.

I don’t feel I’ve found the necessary instructions here or in the user guide.

If you host the DNS on Netlify, simply adding the subdomain in the site settings would automatically add the DNS entry. You don’t need to manually add it.

Where are the instructions for creating a subdomain?
I’ve searched for them in vain.

If you want to create a subdomain to point somewhere external, you need to add the record in Netlify DNS settings.

If you wish to add a subdomain to your Netlify site when using Netlify DNS, simply add the subdomain in site settings.

Where are the instructions for this?
It seems that CloudFlare and Digital Ocean provide such instructions.
If you want me e.g. to fill a form here, I’d do it when you provide complete instructions either as a piece of content available at a certain URL or in a talk during which I share my computer screen.

My question to you again:

  1. Are you trying to create a subdomain that points out of Netlify? If yes, add the DNS records as you see fit. Docs for that are here: DNS records | Netlify Docs. Creating subdomains is not something specific to Netlify. It is a generic information. You add in the name of the subdomain and the value it should point to. Thus, no specific docs on how to create a subdomain.

  2. Are you trying to add a subdomain of a domain hosted on Netlify DNS to a Netlify site? If yes, that’s covered here: Custom domains | Netlify Docs. There’s no additional documentation needed on how to add a subdomain as adding an apex domain and sub-domain has the same procedure. If however you are trying to configure external DNS, there’s docs for that: Configure external DNS for a custom domain | Netlify Docs as that’s different than adding an apex domain.

I’m not sure why you’re complicating this. You’ve done both of the above things before:

  1. You’ve managed to add DNS records to Netlify DNS, which means you know how to create DNS records.
  2. You’ve successfully linked a custom domain to your site: Domain management | Site configuration | solg | Netlify, so you also know how to do that.

I’m missing your (actual) question.

Then let’s talk!
To me it’s important who is going to help me reach the goal stated in the first message in this conversation.
To create a shop, I might start from here, which means I might create a site using a GitHub repository with data from Swell. I don’t know that I want to create another Netlify site.
This means you’d create a Netlify subdomain. I’d like people to visit instead of it. Your team is yet to instruct me on how to create a subdomain.
I don’t know what it means that a domain would point “out of Netlify” or whether I want that. In these situations people need advice that help them reach their goal.
I want to create a subdomain for this domain hosted on Netlify DNS. I don’t know how you view things (e.g. your definitions of “domain” and “site”) and when I should add a subdomain to a Netlify site. Nobody is supposed to know such things before a certain time. I’ll choose the provider who helps us more.
I can’t follow this instruction because I see only the button “Add domain alias”. I don’t want another alias.

We don’t write to people words like: “you’re complicating this” By being impolite, people lose income for their company. We can help you communicate more effectively.
The fact that a person knows something doesn’t qualify them to teach that thing. We can help you teach people about your services.

All these definitions are listed in the docs: Custom domains | Netlify Docs

Which site do you want the on? The site you’ve mentioned: solg already has a domain, and since you mention you don’t want a domain alias, I would asssume you want the domain on a different site. If you want it on the same site, adding a domain alias is the right thing to do.