How to add my netlify site to a subdomain

I linked a Netlify site to my custom domain, but I would like to add a different Netlify site to its subdomain.

When I try adding through the custom domain, it says ’ mydomain is already registered. If you registered this domain name through a different registrar, select Add domain to begin delegating it to Netlify’ . I also do not want to change my domain registrar which is currently namecheap.

How do I connect my subdomain to a Netlify site?

Hi Mary,

You definitely don’t need to delegate DNS to us to get that working! You should choose not to “activate Netlify DNS” while you are assigning a hostname, and then you should be able to add it on the domain settings page without setting up our DNS hosting.

If you do get down the path of configuring DNS hosting, you can still do that just to get through the site config, but then come to this page: Netlify App , click the domain you just added (it will say “registered externally” and scroll down until you find the end of the page which will have a deletion option for the DNS hosting. This won’t impact your site at all to remove it (it will potentially impact your site if you leave it, so please don’t leave it, if this happens!)